Artist Statement

I have been a metalsmith and jewelry designer for the past 24 years. I received my formal training in the metal arts and enameling from classes taken at Mendocino Arts Center and California College of Arts. My one-of-a-kind creations are unique and fabricated from precious metal sheet and wire embellished with fine gemstones and other hand selected colored stones. I am inspired by both the organic shapes and beautiful geometric patterns found in nature, symbols attributed to ancient cultures and spiritual properties of the stones I choose, and sometimes just the simplicity of creating textural forms in the precious metal I work with. When looking at my jewelry, you will discover a range of techniques that include metal etching, lapidary, hollow forms, granulation and cloisonné enameling. I absolutely love to make my own chains because of the zen-like quality of the process and am always challenged by fabricating an interesting clasp that will compliment each piece that I design. Collectors of my work seem to appreciate these fine details and embellishments, as well as, the beautiful drape and wearability of each piece. Lastly, I am a colorist at heart and delight in working with both opaque and transparent gemstones and vitreous glass/enamels.